Belt Test, Sat. Jun 12th

Cedar and Sage first semiannual belt test for 2021 will  be Saturday at the Cedar And Sage dojang at 10 AM. Students will need to arrive at least 30 minutes early.

Belt Test June 12th

Cedar and Sage’s first biannual belt test will begin at 10 AM on Saturday June 12th at the Cedar and Sage dojang

We’ll have class tonight, Feb 25th

The plumbing is repaired and the floors are dry. We’re doing a little remodeling and still have some construction material in the Dojang. Everything’s tucked out of the way and shouldn’t be a problem tonight. There’s still a little cleanup that needs done before class tonight. Any students that can come in a little early to help would be appreciated.

Class Resumes on Thursday

Good news! The plumbing is repaired.  Some of the carpet is a little wet in spots but we’ve got the fans going and should have them dried out by Thursday.

No Class Tuesday, Feb. 23rd

We’ve been dealing with some water damage after a pipe froze and busted in the ceiling last week. Cleanup is going well and we’re taking advantage of the down time to do some improvements at the dojang while we’re at it. If things go as planned we should be able to resume class on Thursday of this week.