Belt Test January 26, 2019
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Cedar and Sage Students advance at belt test

Cedar and Sage Martial Arts students and instructors pictured are (front row, Left to right) Sarena Green, Ruben Koassechony, Nokose Billy, Olivia Peterson and Da"Shaun Randle; (back row, left to right) assistant instructor Charlie Rodriquez, Grand Master Mark Jimboy, Lane Coombes, Lacy Trogdon, Candyse Nitzel, Zoey Robinson, Breanne Peterson and Leat instructor Ricky Settle.

Cedar and Sage Martial Arts held it's belt advancement test on January 26 at the Cedar and Sage school in Anadarko. The students were tested in their knowledge in forms, self-defense, combat one-steps, kicks, board breaking, and gun and knife disarmaments. Advancing from white belt to orange belt were Sarena Gree, Ruben Koassechony, Nokose Billy, Da'Shaun Randle, Candyse Nitzel and Lane Coombes. Advancing from orange belt to green belt was Olivia Peterson, Breanne Peterson and Zoey Robinson. Advancing from green belt to purple belt was Lacy Trodgon.