Students Advance in Rank at June Belt Test

Five students earned a new belt rank during the Cedar and Sage Martial Arts semi-annual belt testing on June 15th. Applicants for advancement demonstrated their knowledge and abilities before a black belt panel consisting of Grand Master Allen Little Sun, Lead Instructor Ricky Settle, and McKinsey Lowe. Advancing from white belt to orange belt were Tyler Roedl, Justin Palmertree, and Alexander Moreno. Advancing from orange belt to green belt was Ruben Koassechony and advancing from purple belt to brown belt was Lacy Trogdon.

Pictured above (Left-Right) are GM Allen Little Sun, Tyler Roedl, Justin Palmertree, Alexander Moreno, Lracy Trogdon, Ruben Koassechony, Braden Hill, McKinsey Lowe, and Ricky Settle.